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All Blacks' Rugby World Cup Jersey Revealed - Thoughts?

  • All Blacks' Rugby World Cup Jersey Revealed - Thoughts?

The new All Blacks jersey looks impressive, and so it should as it features Dynamic Stretch Analysis and two years of testing with the help of players to actually come up with a new jersey which acts like a second skin.  I recommend that fans go for the slightly cheaper, and less body hugging supporters jersey as these are more user friendly.

This jersey also has some nostalgia with the Originals team appearance.  We think it looks cool, and those people who were against the AIG logo being on the front will be pleased too, although there is no white collar!

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The All Blacks jerseys are probably an easier proposition than other teams as black tends to not come in many shades (this is important, ask the Wallabies).  It will be interesting to see where the All Blacks logo goes as the movement of the Springboks logo to the sleeve did not go down well in South Africa.

Do you like the All Blacks' Rugby World Cup jersey? 

The 2015 World Cup All Blacks jerseyDesigned using: Dynamic Stretch Analysis - an "exclusive body mapping system that measures players' bodies as they move revealing strain applied to skin and in which direction".

Made out of: Woven carbon - a unique new fabric that allows two-way stretch and delivers players optimum movement. Utilised in the sailing industry for its superior strength, flexibility, give and breathability, this fabric makes for the strongest rugby jersey adidas has ever made.

Features: Forwards and backs get specific jerseys, with the forwards' jersey boasting raised and reinforced seams for better grip at scrum and lineout time.


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