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England Rugby World Cup Jersey 120 - Thoughts?

  • England Rugby World Cup Jersey �120 - Thoughts?

England's new Rugby World Cup jerseys will cost 120, but the jerseys to look smart with the 3D embroided England rose on the chest which will keep fans happy, given the Springboks fans didn't like it when their Springbok emblem was moved to the sleeve.  Would you buy them?

Given the number of England rugby jerseys that have been released recently, how likely are you to pay 120 for this one?  Are there too many jerseys released?  It seems that every team in every competition is changing their jerseys regularly, leaving fans who spent big bucks on a jersey, looking outdated only a matter of a few years after they bought it.  It is a great way of making money, especially with England hosting the Rugby World Cup.  It is hard to know for fans, if you buy the Rugby World Cup version with different placed logos compared with the standard versions worn in internationals outside of Rugby World Cups?

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This jersey has special grip on it too.  Long gone are the days of the traditional loose jerseys, but given how tight the modern jerseys are, fans of the "Dad bod" variety could be smarter to pay for a cheaper, but less fitting white supporters model.

It seems that if you want a jersey done properly, then get a traditional apparel brand like Canterbury Clothing Company or Adidas to do it.  Just ask the Wallabies and Springboks fans who were disappointed by their Asics branded jerseys.

Will you be buying an England Rugby World Cup jersey?


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