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All Blacks Ten Years At The Top - The Best Team Ever?

  • All Blacks Ten Years At The Top - The Best Team Ever?

The New Zealand All Blacks have held the Number 1 World Rugby ranking for a total of 10 years, or 521 weeks, since rankings began in 2003.  This isn't 10 consecutive years, but more a cumulative count of the weeks they have been at the top of the rankings.  England held the mantle in 2003-2004, while South Africa were the top team in 2007 and 2009.  Does this make the All Blacks the best team ever?

The All Blacks have dominated the Rugby Championship and International Rugby for years, but the true litmus test is winning a Rugby World Cup on foreign soil, which is something that they have failed to achieve.  If they win England 2015, then that would be the cherry on top which leaves me with no doubt as to their greatness. 

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The All Blacks have been the number one team in the World Rugby rankings for 10 years in total, does this make them the best team ever?

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